About Us

Armlon, or Armlón (ó is not allowed by the county for business names), is the Irish word for “Ammunition”.

Senate Bill 1235 ended mail order of ammunition by requiring all ammunition purchases be made face to face from a “Licensed Ammunition Vendor”. Buying ammo from the range or from your local sporting goods store is an extremely costly endeavor.

Just finding ammunition in the Bay Area is hard. Oakland prohibits any businesses of that nature, as does San Francisco. When you can find ammo, say at your local Big 5, it can be very expensive.

My name is Joe, and I am the owner of Armlon. My day job is working at the Oakland wastewater plant. I am a firearms enthusiast and wanted to find a way to still enjoy my hobby with my friends, family, and co-workers without breaking the bank. I decided to obtain the proper permits and licenses to sell ammunition, and now am trying to make a side business that supports itself.

My goal is to provide locals with an inexpensive alternative to visiting the sporting goods store. I want to offer people the opportunity to purchase bulk quantities of ammunition that most gun owners are used to buying, as well as access to optics, magazines, and other accessories at very competitive prices.

I am still a small operation. I currently do not stock an inventory. But I can have most orders within 2 days, and will deliver to Oakland/Alameda area.

I hope to soon stock moderate quantities of the more popular rifle and pistol rounds. When this happens, I will update the store page with quantities and pricing.


Click on the “Request Quote” to get started with pricing. I will get back to you as soon as possible.